2.16: Take Action: Develop Your Personal Advisory Board 

2.16: Take Action: Develop Your Personal Advisory Board 

This season we’re adding mini episodes that help you Take Action on the insights from guests, and some of the most crucial aspects of developing your network, building skills, and leading in your career. Each Take Action episode will be focused on a tool that makes action easier and drives towards positive results that you can download on the Conversations by Association website.

“Creating variety of who you lean on and who you ask to be a sounding board for different phases and responsibilities throughout your career, gives you the additional tools you need to leverage along the way.”

Growth happens when we challenge ourselves to get a bit uncomfortable and ask for help where someone else sees things differently, so we have new information to consider and work with along the way. This means that we should all be seeking input and advice along our career path from a variety of different sources. Think of it as your personal advisory board. This episode will help you consider what sources you need to invite into your growth, and how to benefit most from their advice!

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Download the Developing your Advisory Board worksheet.

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